What You Need to Know about Hair Coloring Techniques

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What You Need to Know about Hair Coloring Techniques

Just look around you and you will quickly notice that hairstyles and colors have changed significantly over the past few years. No longer does one see just basic colors and shades such as red, blonde, brown, black, etc. but vibrant colors, pastels and every other color in the rainbow. But, beyond the plethora of colors available, is the variety of techniques that can be used to apply these colors. From highlights to ombre, the choices are many, so knowing how to tell your stylist what type of look you want is important.

7 Hair Coloring Techniques

Highlights – These are used anywhere on your head using foiling technique and are lighter than your existing  hair color. It is one of the earliest types of hair coloring choices and while it can be used with any hair color.

Lowlights – Used to add dimension to lighter hair colors by using well-placed darker tones – sometimes as many as 3 different ones- to create subtle changes in hair color.

Baliage/Balayage – This type of highlighting has a freehand stroke that adds color across the hair for a more natural look. It is sometimes called a beachy hair highlight, as the ends of the hair are lighter than the top of the hair. It works beautifully for textured, natural curls, or wavy hair.

Ombre – This technique leaves the hair with the darkest color at the top and fades as it goes lighter to the end of the hair or reverse. It is sometimes confused with the baliage technique.

  • Chunky/Chunking– Perfect for Curly and texture hair, chunky highlights gives more bold look , though there can be some variation in width and color.
  • Natural– These are thinner highlighted sections of hair and are typically used to frame the face. The color used is usually just a shade or two lighter than one’s actual hair color.

Peek a Boo – Want to have highlights but not broadcast them? Peek a boo highlights can be done with any color on nearly any cut. The highlighted pieces are often very thin and mostly hidden in the inner hair but show through for a burst of color.

These are but a few of the ways your hair color can be altered and they can be applied to nearly any type of hair. So, the next time you are planning to have your look updated, don’t feel like you are limited to a certain type of color or application. Talk to your Bambu hair stylist to learn what colors and techniques will work for you. Call today to schedule an appointment.



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