FAQs About Tinting

FAQs About Tinting

Perhaps one of most recent services in the world of cosmetology is that of tinting. After all, what’s not love about having lashes and brows that are on point all the time? Plus, with tinting, you can save time on your daily make –up application, but still look totally put together. Yes, definitely a win-win for tinting.

However, if you are unfamiliar with tinting, or perhaps are attempting to decide if it is right for you, then chances are you have several questions –or maybe even concerns about the process. If so, then check out these facts and tips from the beauty experts.

Tinting FAQs

1.     Does brow tinting remove hair? No. Unlike waxing, threading or tweezing, tinting doesn’t take hair away – though it can be used with any hair removal process – but rather offers a semi-permanent approach to having great looking brows.

2.     What type of product is used? For tinting, you don’t want a harsh chemical, after all, this is going quite near your eyes! Rather, tinting is done with a natural semi-permanent vegetable dye which is used to show off your eye’s color, shape and thickness.

3.     Why tint? If you were born with naturally pale eyebrows or lashes then tinting will help give definition and edge to your look. It is ideal for those with light colored eyes, but will also enhance those with darker eyes and skin.

4.     What color should be used? Typically, it is recommended to go a bit darker or richer than your natural color. For a bit of drama, talk to your stylists about blending two colors in order to create a tone that comes closer to your hair’s natural base tone.  Also, it should be noted that if you go too dark, it will look fake or ink-like.

5.      Can it add fullness to my brows? Yes. A tint will make your brows look thicker and healthier. In fact, if you have lighter tones in your brows the tint will grab on to those more easily thus adding more definition.

6.     I am allergic to mascara. Can I have my lashes tinted? Because it is natural product, you don’t have to be concerned about reacting to chemicals as with mascara.

7.     Can I swim with tinted brows or lashes? Yes. The tint is not affected by pool time or swimming at the beach.

8.     How long does the process take? This depends on how dark you want the tint to be. Typically, each application takes half an hour from start to finish.

9.     How long will it last? Tinting will last from 4 to 6 weeks. Regardless of tinting or not, our eyelashes typically fall out every couple of months, but the tinting itself does not wash out.

10.  Can I have my lashes tinted if I wear contacts? Yes, though you may wish to take them out the day of the procedure and not put them back in until the next morning.

11.  What colors are available? Tinting can be done in black, brown, blue – black and chestnut, so there is sure to be something that will work for your skin and color tones.

Having your eyebrows or lashes tinted is a great way to enhance your appearance and save time, too. Why not talk to one of our Bambu Salon and Spa beauty experts to schedule a tinting appointment. They will be happy to answer other questions you may have. Call today!


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