Nailed it! How to Have Healthy Nails

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Nailed it! How to Have Healthy Nails

The average woman loves to be complimented on how pretty her nails are. We spend time at the salon having manicures, keep up with the latest trends and endeavor to maintain our nail polish once it is done. But it is not always possible – or so one might think – to have beauty ad worthy, healthy nails.

Believe it or not, there is more to healthy nail care than just having them long, nicely shaped, and painted. In fact, there are some simple actions you can take to have gorgeous nails all the time – even when a visit to the salon isn’t possible.

6 Tips for Gorgeous Healthy Nails

1.     Moisturize – Keep your cuticles moisturized, as this will provide protection against them cracking or becoming brittle and unkempt. Also regarding cuticle care, don’t be in a rush to cut your cuticles. To keep them healthy, leave them alone. If you must do something with them, then after showering use a wooden orange stick –once a week only- to push them back then finish with a moisturizing cream such as the natural care products from Aveda.

2.     Cleanliness – This might seem like a no brainer, but it is vital to healthy, beautiful nails. Cleaning goes beyond just washing your hands, it also involves cleaning the tools you use. Wash any metal tools – i.e. clippers -with soap and water then wipe down with alcohol. Also, replace disposable tool such as emery boards as soon as they begin to look tattered.

3.     Base and Top Coats – When painting your nails at home, always use a base coat first as it not only protects the nail from being stained by any color, but it also helps the color look more saturated and opaque even with just one coat. For even more depth and shine, you can add a layer of base coat between each layer of color. Then, always apply a top coat when you are done.

4.     Read the Labels – You wouldn’t ingest anything without first reading the ingredients, so treat your nails the same way. Look for polishes that do not contain products such as formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate, as these are toxic.

5.     Eat Healthy – Be sure to include foods that are rich in Omega 3, biotin (found in Vitamin B complex), and Vitamin E in your diet so that your nails can be stronger, and clearer.

6.     Take a Break – While we might love the fun colors of nail polish available today, it is good to take a break from constantly having them polished. Another break to take is to throw out old nail polish as you are risking damaging your nails or even developing a reaction to it.

For many of people, there is a certain pride about having long, healthy nails. In fact, in years gone by, those smooth, well-manicured hands nails were indicative of a life of leisure. However, for most people today -regardless of one’s job- having nice nails is doable simply by taking these actions. If you have questions about caring for your nails, talk to one the Bambu team members today.


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