From Curly to Straight: 7 Tips for Taming Your Hair

From Curly to Straight: 7 Tips for Taming Your Hair

For people with straight hair who frequently bemoan the lack of curls and body, it can be difficult to understand why anyone with wavy or curly hair would want to tame their locks. However, for those who frequently “fight’ to make their curls more manageable, the ability to have even a day or two without curls would be a blessing.

For years, it seemed as though there were many more tools for making one’s hair curly or voluminous than there were products designed to provide curl relief. But now it is just as simple to straighten those curly locks and have that sleek look you have always coveted. However, just because the tools and products exist, it doesn’t mean you can have perfectly straight hair every time…. does it?  Actually, if you will follow the tips here, you can easily tame those curls.  Let’s get started.

From Start to Straight

1.     Begin with a shampoo and conditioner designed for straight hair. Consider Aveda’s Dry Remedy products. After you finish shampooing and conditioning, be sure to apply a smoothing serum or oil, based on hair type (dry, oily, etc.).

2.     Use an ultra-exorbitant towel to get out as much water as possible. Then continue to brush your hair until it is dry. If it does become necessary to use a hair dryer, use one that has a cold air setting and run your fingers, a Wet brush or a metal core brush through it. By ensuring your hair is totally dry before beginning the straightening process, you can keep your straighten hair that way for longer.

3.     Spray your hair with a good heat protectant such as Brilliant Damage Control from Aveda. This will help protect the proteins in your hair and promotes the natural strength of your hair.

4.     Get your straightening tools to the right temperature. For thinner hair, a lower temperature is often enough, while thicker hair requires higher heat. You may need to experiment a bit to determine what the best temperature.

5.     Divide your hair into sections and pin those you aren’t working with out of the way. Then begin with the section(s) at the back of your head first, slowly working towards the front.  If your hair is especially curly, comb each section as you finish it. Ideally, the front of your hair should be the last thing straightened. Within each section of hair, only straighten 1-inch sections at a time, being sure to brush that section before applying the flat iron.

6.     Once you have finished, and your flat iron has cooled off, take the time to clean your iron. Dust and build up impede how well the flat iron will work as well as can cause damage to your hair.

7.     If your hair is still not as straight as you would like, consider using a good hairspray to keep it in place and help it last as long as possible.

Using these tips can tame your curls and help you have the sleek look you have always wanted. Still have questions? Come into Bambu Salon and Spa today to learn more.


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