Dealing with a Bad Hair Day

Dealing with a Bad Hair Day

We have all had them – those days when you wake and your perfectly styled hair looks like you totally forgot what a styling tool or products are. Then, after multiple attempts to correct it, you realize you are going to have to come up with a plan B.  Hmmm… what exactly should that look like?

If you have ever found yourself trying to disguise a bad hair day, then these tips and ideas are especially for you.

How to Deal with a Bad Hair Day

Just Hide It – Let’s face it, sometimes the easiest way to disguise a bad hair day is to put on a fun hat and go with it. In fact, you can even put on some light oil or conditioner and treat your hair while you’re at it.

Grooming Crème – This is especially useful for thick, wavy hair, though it can come in handy regardless of your type. To make your bed head manageable, work a pea-size amount of grooming crème into the ends of your and then use a flatiron to smooth your locks. (In a pinch, a light hairspray can also work.)

Headbands – These are the perfect solution regardless of the length of your hair. Simply smooth back your hair, add a headband or bandana and march on into your day.

The Bun – Let’s face it, there is nothing like a messy bun to take those long locks that don’t want to behave and turn them into a fun, fashionable style.

Dry Shampoo –Wake up and realize your hair is oilier than you realized (or anticipated)? Grab out the dry shampoo and lift the hair, apply and blow dry for a few seconds.

The Pony Tail – Not just for workouts, the pony tail can be worn at the nape of your neck, high on your head, with a side part, a center part and anything in between – you can even wear it so that you only pull part of your hair into the tail and leave the rest loose. There’s no wrong way – except for pulling it too tight – to wear it and it is a great way to disguise a bad hair day!  The only hitch here is that you don’t want to wear your hair in pony tail all the time, or it can result in split ends and breakage which will mean more bad hair days for the future.

Conditioner –  With cool weather season eventually approaching, we all know that there will be days where frizzy hair is the name of the game. Stay ahead of the problem by being sure to apply a conditioner at least once a week to keep frizz at bay.

Parting Ways – Sometimes a bad hair day can be corrected as easily as simply parting your hair on the opposite side than usual. This often gives some extra lift and takes just a few moments to do.


You don’t have to let untamed or “dysfunctional” hair keep you from feeling like yourself, just use these tips to tame your hair. Who knows? You might just find a new style that you absolutely love!

For more tips on hair care and management, be sure to talk to the Bambu Salon team. We would love to help you look even more beautiful than ever. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.


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