7 Reasons to Schedule a Manicure

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7 Reasons to Schedule a Manicure

In our January blog post, we talked about the benefits of an  pedicure, so it is only fair that we also address why getting a manicure is about more than just having pretty nails. After all, we have all seen someone’s nails and commented on how great they look, and for many people that is the only reason they have their nails done. But have you ever thought about the practical health benefits of a professional manicure?

Benefits of a Professional Manicure

While you may have seen your bi-weekly manicure as just time for some TLC with beautiful results, there are several other advantages to having your nails done by a professional, versus doing an at home manicure.

  • Minimize wrinkles – No none wants wrinkled hands or nails, especially if it can be avoided! When you have frequent manicures, the manicure process and the oils used at its conclusion aid in keeping your skin and nails moisturized, thus keeping wrinkles at bay.
  • Better circulation – If you have issues with circulation due to arthritis, diabetes or any other health concern then you know how painful it can be to use your hands some days. When you get a manicure, your technician will use a combination of a massage cream as well as acupressure techniques to increase blood flow. In fact, a properly done manicure with acupressure can even help relax other parts of your body as the hand- as well as one’s feet- has pressure points that correspond to other regions of the body.
  • Exfoliation– The manicure process typically includes the use of oils, and cleansing creams designed to exfoliate and improve the texture of your nails and skin.
  • Reduce dryness – Due to hand washing, washing dishes, and other daily tasks our skin dries out. When you get a manicure, you are helping to restore the moisture and elasticity to your skin.
  • Nail growth – Nail damage such as fragile tips, wear and tear, and splits can be prevented with frequent manicures because at each visit, your manicurist will take the time to trim and shape your nails. This will also promote healthy nail growth, not just make them look nice.
  • No hangnails – That’s right, when you have frequent manicures the risk of hangnails is significantly decreased, and quite often eliminated. No more unsightly nails, just pretty skin and beautiful nails.
  • Fashion – Let’s face it, we love having nails that make a statement, or perhaps add to our professional appearance. By having a manicure, you can show off your style through color, the length of the nail, type of manicure chosen and even through the nail art. And with so many choices available today, there is no reason not to have fun with the finished look of your manicure.

Having a professional manicure is a must in order have great looking hands and nails. The Bambu team wants you to look your best – whether it is your nails, skin or hair. We will take time to determine what products will work for you and show you how to truly show off your style. Give us a call today to get started.


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