7 FAQs about Coloring Your Hair

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7 FAQs about Coloring Your Hair

For many of us, getting our hair colored is as common as breathing. We schedule it on routine basis and look forward to maintaining a certain look.  But, there is a surprising number of people who have never colored their hair – though they have thought about it but were unsure as to the safety, longevity and other facets of the process.

If you are one of the people who have never added color to your hair, or perhaps are considering it but still have a few questions, then this is for you.

FAQs about Coloring Your Hair

1.     How often does hair need to be colored? This depends greatly on the color you choose to put on your hair (see question 4). Colors such as red shades, ashy tones, silvers, pearls, and grays require more upkeep while medium blondes, brown, and darker colors typically last longer. However, how long the overall color will last is also affected by how quickly your hair grows, the texture of your hair, and the products you use.

2.     How can I extend the life of the hair color? Opt to use color-safe hair products that are design for colored hair and are free of sulfates. The Aveda line of products has shampoos and conditioners designed to extend the life of your hair color and keep it healthy and vibrant.

3.     Can hair color affect my skin? Because everyone’s skin and sensitivity is different, this varies from person to person. Most people have absolutely no reaction to the products, but if you are especially sensitive to chemicals, specific shampoos/conditioners, or other products, let your colorist know ahead of time. As an Aveda salon, we use products that are natural and designed to be safe for you, but the more we know before coloring the better!

4.     What is the difference between semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent hair color? Semi will last for 6- 12 washings; does not contain peroxide so hair can only be taken darker. Demi has a minimal amount of peroxide so it will produce highlights, and has a lifespan of 12 to 26 weeks. Permanent color will last until the colored strands grow out; it can safely lighten hair by as much as 4 levels.

5.     Can hair color cover my grey? Yes! However, how much grey coverage takes place depends on the color chosen as well as whether you opt for semi, demi or permanent color. In cases where you are covering 50% or more grey, then a permanent color is recommended.

6.     Can I get highlights and color on the same day? As long as your hair is healthy and in good condition, then this is totally safe.

7.     Can I get my hair colored when pregnant? Yes, you can, but you need to let your colorist know so that they can be sure not to apply hair color close to your scalp. It is also recommended to only get highlights rather than an over-all coloring. 

Coloring your hair is not a scary process. In fact, it is quite fun! For many of us, being able to color our hair is a way to look younger and feel better about ourselves. It is a safe process and simple way to boost your natural highlights and depth of color If you are considering a change in hair color, talk to a colorist at Bambu Salon.  We would love to help you discover the look you have always wanted!


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