6 Benefits of a Pedicure

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6 Benefits of a Pedicure

There is something luxurious about having a pedicure! Be it the simple fact that for 1 hour you can sit back and relax or the pleasure it brings to be completely off your feet while someone else takes care of you, the pedicure is – for many people- the ultimate in being able to unwind for a short period of time.

Although summer may seem to be the most popular season for pedicures, it is not the only season that they should be done. In addition, it should be noted that the pedicure is not just for women. Men will also benefit from a pedicure. In fact, men who get pedicure are typically surprised by just how much they enjoy them! Furthermore, while many might think of a pedicure as being an “extra” or frivolous action there are actually a number of reasons to have a pedicure no matter what the time of year.

6 Reasons to Have a Pedicure

The average person takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps a day. That is a lot of wear and tear on one’s feet. To counteract that, a pedicure is a simple step that can add a bounce to your step. After all, the point of a pedicure is to provide care for your feet, soles, toes, nails and calves so that you feel more like you, at the end of the pedicure.

1.     Problem detection – A pedicure will alert you of any bunions, infections or corns that may be on your feet. Early detection means your doctor can get these issues solved early before they become more painful or harmful.

2.     Minimize risk of infection –Keeping your toe nails clean, cut to a reasonable length, and properly shaped will keep them from growing inward and becoming infected. This will also prevent your nails from growing out ridges or split ends that can cause the toe nail to lift of the bed.

3.     Exfoliation – A pedicure will remove dead skin so that new growth can happen.

4.     Circulation – Due to the massage involved in a pedicure, the calve and foot muscles are stimulated and the blood flow is increased, thus reducing pain and distributing heat throughout the body.

5.     Moisturize – The foot is often the most neglected part of our body, yet the one that takes the most abuse. Having a pedicure includes special creams designed to help prevent cracks and blisters from forming.

6.     Relaxation – Let’s face it, a pedicure is relaxing. Your only task is to sit and let someone take care of you.

The pedicure is the perfect way to pamper your feet, and feel rejuvenated. At Bambu, we offer a variety of pedicure experiences from which to choose. Talk to us today to learn what packages are available and then schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to help you relax and rejuvenate.


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