6 Benefits of a Make Up Consultation

6 Benefits of a Make Up Consultation

While many people don’t hesitate to visit a salon or spa for services such as pedicures, manicures or hair styling, they may forget that those same locations offer professional make up services, too.  Bambu Salon and Spa is one of the Metro-Atlanta’s premier locations for professional makeup. Whether you are wanting a basic touch up after a long day at work or want to have a pro apply your make up for a special occasion our team is here to help.

However, if you have never considered having a make- up consultant assist you with your make up, you might be wondering if it is worth it. If this sounds familiar, then consider these benefits:

Why have a Professional Makeup Consultant Do Your Makeup?

1.     You Deserve It – After a long day (or week) at work, it’s nice to take time for some personal pampering. Sitting back and letting someone else do your makeup – even if it is just so you can enjoy a night on the town – is a great way to indulge yourself.

2.     Discover Your Colors – If you have never had a professional make consultation, then now is a good time to do so. Many times, having a consultation reveals that those colors, the foundation, primer, etc. that we have always thought were correct for our skin and natural tones could actually be improved on, thus creating a more youthful, gorgeous appearance.

3.     Make Your Day Special – Of course, what would a prom or wedding day be like without having your makeup done by a pro? These are special occasions where you want to be able to relax – not stress over how to apply eye shadow to enhance your look!

4.     Try Out Something New –  Have you ever seen a makeup technique but were too insecure in your skills to try applying it?  Then visit a salon and have a makeup professional do it for you.

5.     Get a Sneak Peak – Not sure how you want your make-up to look on your special day? Come in for a consultation and get a sneak peak of what you like – or not – before the actual occasion.

6.     Get the Scoop – Learn new ways to apply your own make up. After all, it’s not just about the colors and products, but about knowing how to apply them. Let a consultant teach a few tricks of the trade.

Having your make up done at a salon is one of the most pleasurable experiences ever. Why not give Bambu a call today and schedule a make-up consultation? You will be glad you did.


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